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Helical Cutter Head for Woodworking


Helical Cutter Head for Woodworking


Helical cutter head for woodworking, the best carrier for tungsten carbide inserts. It can be used to do the planning, surfacing, or the jointing, and it is also your best partner for solid wood processing. This solid wood processing spiral cutter head with 4 edge carbide insert knives have low noise and low cutting pressure, and its smooth finish radiused cutting edges can improve your cutting speed and make your wood surface soother than other tools.

spiral cutter heads


D(mm) H(mm) d(mm) T
100 50 30/35 6/9
100 80 30/35 6/9
100 100 30/35 6/9
100 130 30/35 6/9
100 150 30/35 6/9
125 50 40/50 6/9
125 80 40/50 6/9
125 100 40/50 6/9
125 130 40/50 6/9
125 150 40/50 6/9
125 180 40/50 6/9
125 230 40/50 6/9

Why choose our helical cutter head?

Quick delivery and our superior service can be the best reason for you to choose us. We have a professional team to answer your question and we will do all we can do to satisfy your demands. We also have different sizes for you to choose from. Besides, we have strict quality tests for our products. We have a testing room to invest the material and tolerance. 

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