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High Wear Resistance Carbide Welding Tile for Centrifuge Helix

Size: Custom
Material: Tungsten Carbide

High Wear Resistance Carbide Welding Tile for Centrifuge Helix 

Our commitment to perfection is why we continue to invest in training and equipment. Our goal is to manufacture components 

beyond OEM specifications. Whether it's a centrifuge or a crusher, our goal from day one is to be the first expert you turn to.

Decanter Centrifuge2

Carbide Tile

Choose The Best Grade:

Tungsten Carbide, is sometimes referred to as a cemented carbide, and is a composite manufactured by a process called powder metallurgy. Tungsten carbide powder is mixed with a binder metal where it is mixed with a binder metal and then sintered in a 

furnace. The word "cemented" refers to the tungsten carbide particles that have been caught in the metallic binder material and 

"cemented" together, where it forms a metallurgical bond between the tungsten carbide particles and the binder. The Tungsten 

carbide industry usually refers to this material as simply "carbide", even though the terms tungsten carbide and cemented carbide 

are used interchangeably. Tungsten carbide is the preferred material for the parts that must withstand all of the forms of wear and 

show a high degree of toughness.

wear block grade

Choose The Brand and Model:

KONETOOL produces and purchases the highest quality centrifuge wear parts. We produce and stock parts for the following brands of equipment:

centrifuge model



Our company developed high, medium and low - grade centrifuge wear - resistant components to meet the needs of different occasions.More than 100 product specifications, can meet the needs of various industries and customers different quality 

requirements.We can provide a complete solution for centrifuge wear parts.



Quality Is The First Rule:

Every process, from raw materials to finished products, is subjected to rigorous testing for improved service life and good tolerances. 

Our flexibility to specific requirements has earned us a reputation.If your situation is unique, we will work with you to find the perfect solution.Our commitment is to make your equipment better and better.Our passion is constant!


焊接式Helicinae is the main abrasion part of horizontal centrifuge, and its working life directly affects the maintenance cycle of centrifuge. The helical wear parts are divided into two parts in our company, the welding ones and the clamping ones, both of them are elaborated by high-quality material and they can protect your centrifuge from abrasion for a long time

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