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How Many Shapes of the Tungsten Carbide Inserts For Woodturning Tools You Know?

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Tungsten carbide tools have many advantages than those tools made by other metals. Including the tungsten carbide inserts. Due to its hardness, high wear resistance, hot hardness, sufficient strength, high heat resistance, and good process performance, the tungsten carbide inserts cutter for woodturning tools can give your project a smoother and cleaner surface.

The tungsten carbide inserts cutter for woodturning tools can be used in the high-speed cutting environment and has good resistance to impact and vibration. The tungsten carbide inserts can be loaded on both Spiral planer cutterhead or your traditional woodturning tools. And the  tungsten carbide inserts cutter for woodturning tools can be loaded easily so it has been used widely in many countries.

Inserts, as we all know, are installed in the woodturning tools. But do you know all the shapes of the tungsten carbide inserts? And do you know what they are used for? This article will answer these two questions for you.

Tungsten Carbide Inserts With Different 4 Shapes

1. Round-shaped Carbide Insert

The round-shaped carbide insert is mainly used on the finishing tool. There are two round types of cutters and both of these two types can be used to finish a smoother surface on your project. It is ideal for processing on curved, concave surfaces, also can be used for hollowing jobs and common turning works.

round shaped inserts

2. The Diamond-Shaped Carbide Insert

  The Diamond-shaped carbide insert looks just like its name. The diamond shaped can decorate your project in just about anything you can think of. Such as coves, beads and grooves. Any hard-to-reach places you can use it to reach and clean them up.

diamond shaped inserts

3. The Triangle Straight Carbide Insert

This type of insert is used for woodturning working lathe tools. Also, the triangle straight carbide insert can be used on numerous spiral/helical planer cutter head system. The sub-micron-grades makes the knives have a longer toollife time than other inserts.

triangle inserts

4. The Square Shaped Carbide Inserts

This wonderful tungsten carbide insert with square shape headcutter has four sharp edges, every edge is available and you can rotate to another side if theres a blunt edge. Use this insert with round inserts, you can get a perfect ending on curving, concaving, hollowing and etc.


square inserts

Now you know that the tungsten carbide inserts with 4 different shapes, they are round shape, diamond shape, triangle shape and square shape and each of them can be used in the specific fields.

But what I want to tell you more about the carbide tools is that carbide tools are capable of lathing away a massive amount of wood in a short amount of time. The cutters were designed with this in mind so you don’t have to worry about dulling the edge.

And stay focused when you use them, you can find out the shear edges of the cutter, so you still have to be aware of those inserts with corners. They still have the chance to dig into the wood if you’re not careful enough. So be careful and take your time when using these tools for the first time until things become second nature.

At last, I want to tell you that we have more on our pages. If you are interested in these tools, click here and know more about these carbide products.

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