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How to Choose Tungsten Carbide Rotary burr Set For DIY Working

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Tungsten carbide rotary burr comes with carbide head and shank. The Carbide head is the working part and made up of WC(tungsten carbide), cobalt and other necessary elements. The shank is used for installation and made up of steel. 

Right now, more and more people like to DIY and we prepared 4 different carbide burr sets for DIYers. 

● 5 pieces/set

● 8 pieces/set

● 10 pieces/set (Aluminium)

● 3X3 20 pieces/set

Tungsten carbide burrs sets for DIY working (2)

3 Things should be considered when choosing carbide burr

Tungsten carbide rotary burr have a series of different shapes. They are used for different applications. We should choose an appropriate carbide rotary burr for our cutting/grinding/polishing work.

There are 3 things you should consider:

● Choose the right shape

The carbide head shape is chosen by the working requirements. Different shapes match up different working scenarios.

● Choose the right type

There are 2 types of carbide heads, one is single cut and the other is double cut. Choose a single cut for hard materials such as iron, steel and other metal materials. The double cut is used for soft materials such as wood, Aluminium, etc.

● Choose the right size

For a tungsten carbide rotary burr, the main sizes include the diameter & length of the carbide head and shank. Bigger carbide burr matches up with higher-power machines and have higher efficiency.

Why Choose Kone Carbide Tool?

KoneTool is a professional carbide burr manufacturer. We collected a full range of different types of carbide burrs. You won’t regret if buying our carbide tools. 

● High Quality with Original Materials

We use original materials to manufacture tungsten carbide and never use recycled materials.

● Various tungsten carbide rotary burrs

Konetool developed a full series of different types of rotary carbide burrs. 

● Good Packaging and Fast Delivery

Our tools are packed safely and can be delivered very fast. You can use our premium carbide tools in time, which helps you to save your time and money.

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