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HsiehHsu Carbide Paper Slitting Knives

Description: HsiehHsu Paper Slitting Knives
Inner Diameter: 168mm
Outer Diameter: 270mm
Thickness: 1.2mm
Fits Model(s): HsiehHsu
Material: TC

HsiehHsu Carbide Paper Slitting Knives

Konetool is engaged in cutting blade, cutting round blade, longitudinal scissor blade, grinder blade, special-shaped blade, cemented carbide blade and other related mechanical blades.

We use the best grade of tungsten carbide raw materials, and adopt advanced modern production technology to ensure that the products meet the standards through advanced detection systems. Our products can achieve first-class precision and can cut perfectly.

An excellent enterprise can give customers a sincere experience before, during and after sales. Thats what konetol is like. It can not only help target customers to form excellent solutions, actively cooperate with sales, and maintain a standardized after-sales service attitude.

HsiehHsu Carbide Paper Slitting Knives detail


A tungsten carbide knife that is often used for cardboard cutting, but also a blade for cutting corrugated cardboard.

KONE TOOLs knives are always produced in accordance with the highest ISO9001 standards.

Our corrugated slitting knives can work in various environments and are not easily damaged during use, which depends on our advanced production technology.


Common size OD * ID * T(mm)

March Machine













HsiehHsu Carbide Paper Slitting Knives

Product Advantage:

1.We manufacture a rotary slitter knife with a maximum outer diameter of 1300 mm (51.1811 inches) for slitting metal plates, coils, etc.

2. The tool has polished sides, high cost performance, and delivered on time.

3.They can be made by tungsten carbide with long life working time.

4.We have all standard size and also can customized as customers requirements


Q1: How long is your delivery time?

A1: At present, most of the corrugated paper cutters on the market are in stock and can be shipped within 5 days.

If there is no stock, we can arrange production immediately, it can be completed in about 15-30 days.

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