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Hundegger Turnover Knife for Universal Mill Head Stehle

Material: Solid Carbide
Size: 21*21*5.5

Hundegger Turnover Knife for Universal Mill Head Stehle

Product Description :

Turnover Knife can be used in all cutter heads with 60° back corrugation, which could be known from this title.

With 4 cutting edges, this blade is able to more work pieces than usual blades.With solid tungsten carbide material, its lifetime has been increased 40% more than HSS.


Product Length Width Thickness Bevel
Turnover knife 21mm 21mm 5.5mm 40 degrees



Hundegger; for use in cutter heads

2.Work piece:

Suit for high hardness wood, carpentry board, ploy board.

HL Board 06 for wood-based panels, plastics and hard woods

HL Solid 20 for hard and soft woods

HL Solid 30 for hard and soft woods


Specific design is as below:

mill machine


1.We provide products with high wear resistance and excellent durability even between regrinding

2.We provide factory direct price .

3.We provide different kinds of price terms just to your convenience.

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