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Isowa Carbide Blade Razor Slitter

Description: Isowa Razor Slitter
Inner Diameter: 140mm
Outer Diameter: 260mm
Thickness: 1.1mm
Fits Model(s): Isowa
Material: Tungsten Carbide Powder + Cobalt Powder

Isowa Carbide Blade Razor Slitter

KONE Carbide Tools Co., Ltd.,as a long-term partner in the corrugated paper industry, produces corrugated paper slitting knives for use in products such asTCY, Xexu, LMC, Agnetti, BHS, Fosber, Gopfert, Isowa, Marquip, Mitsubishi, Peters, K And other famous main corrugated paper processing machines and machinery.


Carbide round knife 260 x 140 x 1.1 mm, double bevel sharp G, used in ISOWA corrugated cardboard cutting machine.

Our carbide round knives can be manufactured according to customer requirements, with or without pinholes or keyways.


Common size OD * ID * T(mm)

March Machine













Product Advantage:

1. Long service life and high cost performance.

2.We have all standard size and also can customized as customers requirements.

3. We have a special materials department to strictly select the raw materials of the cardboard cutting knife.

4. Our more than ten years of experience and advanced production technology make our blade quality far superior to other manufacturers.

Isowa Carbide Blade Razor Slitter

The Application:

Corrugated paper box cutting machine, toilet paper cutting machine, napkins cutting machine, pumping paper cutting machine, paper tray cutting machine, paper towels cutting machine, manual paper cutting machine, electric paper cutting machine, CNC paper cutting machine etc.


Q1: what are the benefits of your products?

A1:1. Raw powder carbide 2. Rich experience in abnormal production 3. Strict inspection process 4.Good after-sales service.

Q2: are you a manufacturer? what number days is that thenormal delivery time?

A2: we are knowledgeable cemented carbide manufacturer integrating industry and trade. weve got 1-2 working daysavailable for delivery after placing an order, and 25 working days without stock.Of course, if the merchandise is customized, the delivery time has to be determined in step with the precise contract.

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