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Mingwei Corrugated Paper Industrial Slitter Blades

Description: Mingwei Corrugated Paper Industrial Slitter Blades
Inner Diameter: 112mm
Outer Diameter: 265mm
Thickness: 1.2mm
Fits Model(s): Mingwei
Material: Tungsten Carbide Powder + Cobalt Powder

Mingwei Corrugated Paper Industrial Slitter Blades

We has long been engaged in the carbide blade industry and has an inseparable relationship with the corrugated paper production industry. We can produce all kinds of corrugated paper production Slitter Blades, such as tcy, xexu, LMC, agnetti, BHS, fosber, gopfert, isowa, marquip, Mitsubishi, Peters, K.

cutting blade


This blade is specially designed for Mingwei machinery.


Common size OD * ID * T(mm)

March Machine













Why choose us

The biggest advantage of our products is to accurately meet the needs of customers, optimize the production mode on the premise of ensuring quality, reduce costs, reduce prices, and provide customers with the highest cost performance products. So our product satisfaction is very high.


Q1. Why the knife break ?

1. Improper assembly (such as flange deformation; improper screw in) will lead to rapid blade fracture. During the operation, it is strictly forbidden to contact the blades improperly

2. The swinging grinding wheel is unstable and the cutter is broken. Please check the grinding wheel bearing.

3. Touch or tap improperly with other hard objects.

4. Unexpected Tool Collisio

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