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Mitsubishi Corrugated Carbide Razor Slitters

Description: Mitsubishi Corrugated Carbide Razor Slitters
Inner Diameter: 202mm
Outer Diameter: 280mm
Thickness: 1.4mm
Fits Model(s): Mitsubishi
Material: Tungsten Carbide Powder + Cobalt Powder

Mitsubishi Corrugated Carbide Razor Slitters

With years of manufacturing experience and continuous research and innovation, we have strict management system from design, inspection to after-sales service. Our tenet is: to meet customers requirements with professional technology, scientific management, excellent products and thoughtful service.

Suitable for double-sided corrugated board: This paper has good strength. Generally speaking, heavy or easily damaged large items will be packed with this kind of cardboard. Its main purpose is to be used as transportation packaging and cushion in packaging.

 Mitsubishi Corrugated Carbide Razor Slitters


Our blades are used in corrugated box slitting machines, cardboard slotting machines, carton printing machines, etc. We have all standard sizes and can also customize according to customer requirements.


Common size OD * ID * T(mm)

March Machine














Product Advantage:

1) Appropriate sharpening of tools can increase production capacity, reduce dust and fines, reduce energy consumption, and reduce overall stress.

2) A group of rotating tools must be ground to the same size to keep the rotor balanced. Be sure to wear the oldest tool to set the level.

3) A set of tools can withstand 10-12 re-grinding and normal wear.


How do you guarantee quality?

A: The incoming material must be checked. We work with long-term original suppliers near us, which helps to improve our competitiveness and more importantly to ensure quality. We are serious, all our knife parts are forged, while most competitor parts are not. In order to increase the hardness, we have evenly heat-treated and triple tempered the tool. A specific hardness range can be set for any specific working conditions, thereby providing better wear resistance and a longer service life.

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