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Panel Sizing Saw Blade


Panel Sizing Saw blade

Product Description:

Carbide tipped circular saw blade for panels cutting (excellent finish), as well MDF, laminated, hardboard and multilayer panels. These circular saw blades are usually used on table saws with adjustable scoring saw blades.

Applicable use Generally, the saw loaded with our panel sizing saw blade requires a large motor power and a large torque transmission, so the spindle design is relatively thick. In addition, the thickness of the sheet cut at one time is relatively thick (sometimes up to 100mm), the feed speed is fast, the rotation speed is high, and the cutting resistance is great. Therefore, the electronic saw base is thicker (to ensure strength), and the middle hole is larger (with full spindle diameter).

panel sizing saw blades

Product Application:

1.Applicable equipment: CNC electronic sawing machine
2.Applicable tooth profile: trapezoidal tooth with either negative cutting angle or positive cutting angle, flat tooth,hollow tooth with either negative cutting angle or positive cutting angle.
3. Applicable processing materials: All types of wood and particle boards based on wood, precious wood (like Bankirai), profiles (wood) and other laminated boards,composite materials.

Product Specification:

Specification Tooth
150X4.3/5.3X30 36T
150X4.3/5.3X45 36T
150X3.0/4.0X25.4 40T
150X3.0/4.0X30 40T
160X3.0/4.0X55 40T
160X3,0/4.0X25.4 40T
160X3.0/4.0X30 40T
160X3.3/4.3X30 40T
160X4.3/5.3X30 36T
160X4.3/5.3X45 36T
160X4.3/5.3X30 40T
160X4.3/5.3X55 40T
180X3.0/4.0X30 40T
180X3.3/4.3X30 40T
180X3.8/4.8X30 40T
180X4.0/5.0X30 40T
180X4.6/5.6X30 36T
180X4.6/5.6X45 36T
200X4.3/5.3X20 40T
200X4.3/5.3X50 40T
200X4.3/5.3X70 40T
200X4.6/5.6X45 36T
200X6.7/7.7X20 36T
300x4.0x30 60T
300X4.0X30 72T
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