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Saw Blade For Chipboard


Saw blade For Chipboard

Product Description:

The chipboard saw blade’s characters are that this kind of saw blade for chipboard has a medium number of teeth: so-called TCG and flat tooth especially for working at carpenters and carpenters levels.

This means that the carbide teeth on the saw blade are tipped in alternating to the steel body to improve the cutting speed as the chip removal is better guaranteed.

The sheets produce particularly clean cutting edges such as coated chipboard, kitchen worktops, joiner’s boards, chipboard and MDF and HDF boards, as well as in glass fibre reinforced plastic openings.For special cutting requirement, we support samples and drawing s production.

Product Application:

1. Applicable use: mainly used for particle board and particle board material processing
2. Applicable equipment: panel saw, sliding table saw
3. Applicable tooth profile: Ladder flat tooth
4. Applicable processing materials: particle board, particle board

carbide saw blade for chipboard

Product Specification:

Outer Diameter Kerf Thickness Bore Cutting angle Teeth number
D (mm) B (mm) b (mm) d (mm) a Z
250 3.2 2.2 25.4,30 14 60,80
300 4 3 30 12 72,96
350 4.4 3.2 30,60 15 72,84,108,96
380 4.4 3.2 30,60.80 12 72,84,96
4.8 3.6 30,60,80 14 72,84,96
400 4.8 3.6 30,60,80 12 72,84,96
430 4.4 3.2 75 12 72
4.8 3.6 80 12 96
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