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Scoring Saw Blade with Carbide Tooth


Scoring Saw bladewith carbide tooth

Product Description:

TCT scoring saw blade can be used on processing MDF board, laminated board, hardboard, etc and multi-layer panels. With carbide tipped teeth, this type of carbide saw blades has long service life but can be bought with a low price. Smooth cutting experience, this scoring saw blade has conical teeth with positive cutting angle and use in combination with dividing saw blades loaded on scoring machines with vertical adjustable spindle.


Product features:

This type of saw blade is designed especially for viscous rubber and rust problem. To reduce friction between blades and work piece, we work hard on chrome plating process, CP technology and surface anti-rusted treatment. Alternate inverted triple chip teeth make cutting edge sharp and make cutting process smooth. What’s more, these teeth can also prevent bottom side of blade from breaking. To ensure cutting quality, cutting width of scoring saw blades must be accord with width of main saw blades.

Product Specification:

TCT Conical Scoring Saw blade:

D d B Z TF
120 20/22 3.0-4.0 24 W
125 22 3.4-4.4 24 W
150 30 3.1-4.1 36 W
160 25.4 3.1-4.1 36 W
160 25.4/30 3.4-4.4 36 W
160 30 3.4-4.4 40 W
160 45 4.3-5.3 40 W
160 55 3.4-4.4 40 W
180 25.4 3.4-4.4 36 W
180 30 4.4-5.4 40 W
180 30 3.9-4.9 36 W
180 30 3.4-4.4 40 W
180 45 4.3-5.3 40 W
180 45 4.7-5.7 40 W
200 45/75 4.3-5.3 40 W

TCT Adjustable Scoring Saw blade:

D d B Z TF
100 20 2.8-3.6 12+12 P
100 22 2.8-3.6 12+12 P
120 20 2.8-3.6 12+12 P
120 22 2.8-3.6 12+12 P

We provided:

Products quality tests. Before arriving at our storing room, products will be sending for material inspection and size measuring. To guarantee inspection quality, we have our own laboratory for quality test. What’s more, our professional technical and sales team can answer all your questions. No matter you are interested in our products or seek for cooperation, we are always willing to communicate with you and solve your problems.

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