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Single-Edged Column Knife


Single-Edged Column Knife

Product Description:

Main functions: 2D cutting, engraving, soft materials, such as two-color board, ABS, wood block, PVC, copper, aluminum and aluminum-plastic composite board, etc.Thissingle-edged column carving knife canalsobeused for graphic engraving to increase engraving speed and reduce bottom area cleaning.
If you are using our carving knives for the first time, please contact us for suggestions.Thesesuggestions will beveryusefulfor carving in various stones and different carving methods.To this end, we will provide you with our mostprofessionaltool matching programs.If you have any doubts about stone carving, please contact us and send us a small piece of yourstone.Professionallaboratoryfor testing and carving stone, marble, granite, and other hard materials.We can find a better command to use the position and correct parameters of the engraving machine.
We are a professionalmanufacturerwho devoted to this kind of carving tools with single edge for many years.Thequality of our productsiswidelyacceptedin both domestic and foreign markets. We welcome our customers to consult ourfactory. You can get the best quality carving tools at the best price.

single-edged column knife

Product Application:

Suitable for two-dimensional engraving and cutting of two-color boards, ABS, organic films, etc.

Product Specification:

3.175 0.8 2 33
3.175 1 3 33
3.175 1.5 5 33
3.175 2 6 33
3.175 2 8 33
3.175 2.5 8 33
3.175 3 9 33
3.175 0.8 2 38
3.175 1 3 38
3.175 1.5 5 38
3.175 2 6 38
3.175 2 8 38
3.175 2.5 8 38
3.175 3 9 38
4 4 8\12 45
6 6 17 50
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