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Slotting Router Bits

Konetool offers a full range of industrial-quality slotting router bits. Including:
Keyhole Router Bit,
Rabbeting Router Bit,
2&4 Wing Slot Cutter Router Bit,
and More.
Make an inquiry for detailed information.

Slotting router bits are mainly used for building various slots, covering keyhole, rabbeting bit, slot cutters. Konetool offers a full range of industrial-quality slotting router bits, more than just the presented ones. Please make an inquiry for more information (more slotting router bit types, MOQ, price, delivery).

1. Keyhole Router Bit

Keyhole router bits form hanging slots to the back of wall-hanging objects, such as picture frames.


2. Rabbeting Router Bit

Basically, rabbeting router bits are used to create rabbet joints in woodworking. Change bearings with different sizes to meet different needs.


3. 2&4 Wing Slot Cutter Router Bit

Slot cutter router bits cut slots and grooves. Konetool offers slot cutters with 2 wings or 4 wings.


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