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Solid Carbide Saw Blades


Solid Carbide Saw Blades


Circular saw blade is a general term for thin circular knives used to cut solid materials. Carbide circular saw blade is a circular saw blade with a number of teeth on the round thin steel plate (substrate) that has been processed, formed and heat-treated, and the teeth are inlaid with a cemented carbide bit, passing through the center of the substrate The middle hole is installed on the rotating spindle and clamped by the chuck for rotating cutting work. Mainly used for cutting solid wood, furniture, wood-based panels, aluminum alloys, aluminum profiles, radiators, plastics, and plastic steel.

circular saw blade

Specificationsand size of products (Unit: MM):
Productdiameter: 8-350MM
Product thickness: 0.10-10MM
Product inner hole: more than 2MM
Konetool providesa variety of specifications for customersto choose from, and we can also customize the specificationand sizerequired by customers according to the drawings.

Carbide saw blades: According to occasion of use, it can be divided into circular saw blades for power tools used on portable tools, and professional circular saw blades used on mechanical equipment (table saws, sliding table saws, precision saws, woodworking machinery, etc.). Among them, accuracy of professional type is usually higher than that of power tool, and its price is also higher.

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