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Solid Carbide Single Flute Spiral End Mill Milling Cutter Wood Cnc Tool Bits Up Cut& Down Cut


Solid Carbide single flute spiral end mill milling cutter wood cnc tool bits up cut& down cut

Product Description:

Single flute helical milling cutter bits are designed to provide faster feed rates in soft materials with acceptable finish. When speed is the primary consideration and completion is secondary, use a single edge router bit. Single-edge milling cutters usually have a lot of chip space, but the single-edge cutting edge limits the feed rate or the hardness of the material to be cut.

single edged spiral end mill

Product Application:

1. Applicable to the machine :
This tool can only be used on CNC machine tools and milling machines with automatic feed function.
These drill bits use the highest quality sub-microcry stalline carbides, have a special proprietary edge processing system, have ultra-highly polished cutting edges, and have a unique "mirror finish" to achieve neat cutting and reduce re-welding chips Opportunity, and has excellent surface finish and longer tool life. Right-hand spiral and right-hand cut.
2. Applicable board: plywood

Product Specification:

Single-edged spiral carbide end mill cutter heads are available in various sizes and provide up-cut or down-cut spiral grooves. The following is part of the standard size, the shank diameter is 3.175 mm (1/8 inch). If the standard drill bit cannot meet your needs, please rest assured, we will also provide customized services for non-standard cutting and engraving cutter heads according to your requirements.

Specification SHK D (mm) CED (mm) CEL (mm) OAL (mm)
3.175*10 3.175 3.175 10 38
3.175*12 3.175 3.175 12 38
3.175*15 3.175 3.175 15 38
3.175*17 3.175 3.175 17 38
3.175*20 3.175 3.175 20 42
3.175*22 3.175 3.175 22 45

Product Features:

1. single spiral groove design, especially smooth chip removal.
2. When cutting a workpiece with a curved shape, the finish effect is very ideal.
3. The surface of the workpiece is smooth and the interface is flat;
4. Up cut: the upper rotation protects the lower surface from the edge,
5. Down cut: the down rotation protects the upper surface from the edge.
6. Suggested entry method: diagonal entry method, transverse entry method

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