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Solid Carbide Slitter Knives


Solid Carbide Slitter Knives

KoneTool uses high-quality WC materials to make long-life carbide round knives. Our engineers can help customers choose the most suitable grade. These raw materials combine to fully develop the characteristics of cemented carbide: hardness and wear resistance. This feature makes round knives widely used in various manufacturing industries.


carbide circular saw blade


We provide round knives with diameters between 20-350 mm, with different hole diameters and bevel angles. We can provide custom sizes and provide solid carbide round knives upon request. Our knives undergo precision grinding and strict quality inspection system to ensure that each round knife is a quality product.


solid carbide slitter knife

Features and advantages:

*Can be used to cut different materials

*Provide all types, shapes and sizes of carbide round knives

*Mirror polishing, super grinding, precise cutting edge

* Precise tolerances ensure a longer service life

*Regular size of most stocks

*High-speed dust-free precision cutting, smooth cutting surface

* Provide multiple cutting edges: single bevel, compound single bevel, double bevel, compound double bevel


solid carbide slitter blade

Carbide round knives are widely used in:

1. Chemical Industry

2. Recycling industry

3. Packaging industry

4. Film and foil Paper industry

5. Food industry

6. Pulp industry

7. Corrugated cardboard industry

8. Tobacco industry

9. Rubber industry

10. Asbestos Industry

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