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Solid Wood Board and Solid Wood Particle Board, What’s Their Difference

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We can often see those furniture made up of solid wood boards or solid particle wood board(chipboard) in our daily life. But things we can compare are price, sense of touch and outlook of the two kinds of planks. In fact, there are more differences that you didn’t know, so today we are going to do a comparison between solid wood boards and solid wood chipboards.

solid wood board and particle board

Solid wood board

solid wood


Many people may think that solid wood boards are boards made up of complete wood(log). However, solid wood board is a relative name to the non-solid wood board which made from wood processing tailings, crop straw, rice husk, peanut shell and other materials. For example,  plywood, which is a kind of staggered layers of board(usually four, six or eight layers) and made of the high-quality wood.

Pros and cons

Those people who have solid wood furniture or like to deal with solid wood planks may know that planks are made up of solid wood has a better outlook than chipboards. There are smooth surface and beautiful lines and colour. The utilization rate of wood is higher, which conforms to the principle of raw material ecological utilization. The biggest advantage is that the solid wood board uses less glue to combine its materials.

But although the solid wood board is environmentally friendly, it doesn’t mean it is flawless. There are still some disadvantages. First, it is expensive. We can even tell this by its appearance. Secondly, it is easy to be deformed. Dry, wet, too hot or too cold may lead to the deformation. What’s more, if you use furniture made up of solid wood boards you may know that this kind of board will lose its luster if its paint film is scratched, so we need to pay more attention to the maintenance.




Solid wood chipboard is mainly made of wood chips, and then add some adhesives and other materials, mixed them together. Although its inside maybe a little bit horrible, it still has a smooth surface and a good-looking outside.

Pros and cons

Due to its materials(wood fragments), its surface is smooth and delicate, and there will be no knots, wormholes and other defects. Besides, it has good stability and balanced material distribution. The most important thing is that it is cheaper than other planks. However, compared with things made up of solid wood, its surface is a little bit uneven. Besides, glue will be used in  the plank, so its environmental protection performance is slightly worse than solid woods. The surface is not smooth, so it will be harder to make a radian and model.

No matter you are going to buy the furniture or DIY the furniture, you need to know the differences among different boards. Hope you have gotten what you need in this article. Thanks for reading.

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