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Square Bar Made Up of Solid Carbide


Square Bar Made up of Solid Carbide


The tungsten carbide square bar has a brilliant hot hardness. Due to its material, the solid carbide square bar have a good wear resistance and heat resistance. Also, it has high strength, high stiffness and chemical stabilization, which guaranteed the solid tungsten carbide bar a long service-life. The bar is mainly used for solid wood processing, density board processing, non-ferrous metal materials processing, and it can also be used on chilled cast iron, hardened steel, PCB, brake materials.

solid carbide square bars


Grade ISO Code Grain Size(um) Co(%) Hardness T.R.S. Application
KT08 K05 0.5 4 94.5 HRA 2800 HDF/MDF
KT10U K05-K10 0.6 6 93.2 HRA 3000 Solid Wood/MDF

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