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Square Shape Wood Turning Inserts


Square shape woodturning inserts

Description:Tungsten carbide woodturning tools are used for wood processing and cutting. Tungsten wood turning inserts are suitable for bamboo products and wooden products such as furniture, wood moldings, photo frame strips, handicrafts, toys, decoration lines, wood floors, doors, and windows. Woodturning tools with inserts are made of cemented carbide, with sharp edges and wear resistance.

Sizes & Cutting Bevel :

Shape Item # Size Cutting Bevel EWT Size
Square KT10510515-30D 10.5*10.5*1.5-30° 30° Ci2
KT10510515-35D 10.5*10.5*1.5-35° 35° Ci2
KT10510520-35D 10.5*10.5*2.0-35° 35° Ci2
KT10710720-30D 10.7*10.7*2.0-30° 30° Ci2
KT111120-30D 11*11*2.0-30° 30° Ci2
KT141420-30D 14*14*2.0-30° 30° Ci1
KT14614625-30D 14.6*14.6*2.5-30° 30° Ci1
KT151525-30D 15*15*2.5-30° 30° Ci1

Square shape Wood turning Inserts Diagrams :

carbide square cutter

Applicable models:

Woodturning tools with inserts are apply to single-axis milling machines, routers, woodworking machines, flat planers, press planers, double-sided planers, and four-sided planers.

Maintenance of woodturning tools:

1.Keeping wood turning inserts clean. Please remove resin, sawdust and other dirt on the woodturning inserts after use. Use standard industrial solvents to clean inserts.
2.Applying a small amount of engine oil can prevent the surface of wood turning inserts from rusting and remove all stains on the tool handle to prevent slipping during use.
3.Do not re-grind and change the shape of the wood turning insertswithout authorization, because each grinding process requires professional grinding equipment and professional grinding skills, otherwise, it is easy to cause the insertsto break and cause an accident.

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