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Straight Router Bits

Konetool offers a full selection of industrial-quality straight router bits. Both carbide tipped straight router bits and solid carbide CNC straight router bits are available. Including:
Double-Flute Straight Router Bit,
Extra Long Straight Router Bit,
Mortising Router Bit,
Bottom Cleaning Router Bit,
CNC Straight Router Bit,
and More.
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Straight router bits are the most commonly used router bits due to their wide application, including creating dadoes, grooves, or mortises and bottom cleaning. Konetool offers both carbide tipped double-flute straight router bits and solid carbide CNC straight router bits. We supplies a full selection of straight router bits more than just the presented ones. Please make an inquiry for more information.

1. Double-Flute Straight Router Bit


2. Extra Long Straight Router Bit


3. Mortising Router Bit


4. Bottom Cleaning Router Bit


5. CNC Straight Router Bit

This CNC straight router bit is ideal for CNC work. It is made from solid carbide which is brazed to steel shank.


Cutting Materials:




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