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TCT Router Bits—Release You From Slow Cutting Speed

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Still using traditional welding router bits? Fed up with slow cutting speed? Seeking for sharper and better wood processing tools? Why don’t you try the tungsten carbide TCT router bits? Tungsten carbide TCT straight router bits, give you a quicker tool feed speed and wood processing speed. But why the TCT router bits can do a quicker and better job in wood processing? Here, I list 3 reasons as follows:

1. The Material

TCT router bits are made of carbide. This kind of alloy makes the knife have a series of better properties than traditional welding router bits. First, the tungsten carbide gives the router bits high compressive strength(up to 6000M) and improves the hardness, heat and corrosion resistance, which means this material will endow the TCT router bits a longer service life than traditional router bits. Besides, the material has increased the sharpness, so TCT straight router bits with high sharpness can cut your projects quicker, and make the wood surface cleaner and smoother.

TCT routerbits

2. Wide range of applications

TCT straight router bits with high sharpness have an extremely wide scope of application. It can process different kinds of wood products like Acrylic PVC medium density fiber, particleboard, hardwood, plywood, and solid wood. Mainly used for wooden doors and windows, wooden floors, tables and chairs, furniture, cabinets, wooden crafts and other wooden material grooving, trimming, and decorative pattern production. And theres a CNC router bit which is designed specially for laminated chipboard cutting, and of course, it has a perfect cutting edge.

different wood surfaces

3. Fewer Costs

When it comes to carbide alloy tools, you may think this tool must be really expensive. I agree with that point if you just use it only once. Its price may be higher than traditional router bits. But think of its a longer life. Carbide TCT straight router bits has longer service life than other router bits. Besides, you can grind the blades of TCT straight router bits for two or three times. So in the long run, you actually get your costs down.

Are they all advantages the tungsten carbide TCT straight router bits have? Of course not, but these reasons are enough to explain why there are more and more factories choose TCT straight router bits instead of traditional router bits.

machines loaded with TCT router bits

But with so many advantages, it doesnt mean the TCT straight router bits are perfect. You still have to pay attention to a lot of things when you use it. For example, we now know the tungsten carbide TCT straight router bits have a longer service life, but if you run it at a high speed to deal with hard materials will shorten its life. So, slow it down when you cut the hard material.

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