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Techno Print Egypt 2017

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Techno Print is the most influential print exhibition in Africa.This exhibition last four days which is very great. We have show a lot carbide knives and blades in the exhibition, including corrugated slitting knives, tobacco knives, industrial razor blades, dish knives etc.These production have catched the eyes of visitors, a few customers even cant wait the exhibition end and buy the sample to test before.

As knowns, carbide knives are very good for cutting paper, film, cardboad etc. So the dish knives and slitter knives are welcomed, high quality BHS and Fosber slitter knives can really reduce your cost and help you make good quality cardboad to meet all kinds of packaging.Dish knives is usually made of HSS, but tungsten carbide is good better than HSS. Long life and precision slitting can reduce the customer cost and meet the increasing requirement of customers.

I have to say Egyptian are warm heart people, pls see below photo is our neighbor with us. Wish to see you again.

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