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Technoprint Booth No A24

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Technoprint will be held from 27-30 April at Cairo International Conference Center Hall 1-5

The slogan of this show: Machinery Boosts Productivity, Technology Creates Future. There are four theme in this African show.

1. Press Machinery, accessory and material
1.1 Prepress equipment and software
1.2 Press machines
1.3 Digital press machines and material
1.4 Postpress and converting
1.5 Press material
1.6 Press accessory
1.7 Press finished product

2. Packaging Machines, accessory and material
2.1 Food packaging machines
2.2 Medicine packaging machines
2.3 Metal packaging machines
2.4 General packaging machines
2.5 Packaging machines accessory
2.6 Plastic machinery
2.7 Packaging finished products
2.8 Packaging material

3. Corrugated Machines and Paper products
3.1 Corrugated and carton machines
3.2 Corrugated and carton machines accessory
3.3 Industry paper
3.4 Office paper
3.5 Paper products

4. Advertising
4.1 Printer & Printing
4.2 Laser Engraver
4.3 Signage
4.4 Lightbox
4.5 Display Equipment
4.6 LED Display

Our company will attend this great show with our machine knives and gun drill blanks.

 Industrial machine knives including: corrugated slitting knives, bookbinding and printing knives, 

razor blades,top dish knives, leather blades, tobacco knives,lithium knives and special & customized knives.

Our booth: A24, looking forward to your coming.

Kone Carbide Tool Co., Ltd.
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Mobile: +86 13648013796

Add:  No. 777 Haike Road Cross-Strait Industrial Park Wenjiang, Chengdu,610000,P.R.China
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