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Thinesh Thueai

Position: shop owner    Area: New Zealand    Company size: 20 people    Purchase scale: standard inserts 1000pcs
"I'm a regular customer of this company. I haven't been disappointed since the first cooperation. Why do you choose this company all the time? It's mainly because they produce tungsten carbide blades with high cost performance and longer life than the blades used before, which saves us a lot of costs. Moreover, it can be designed as we want. It is difficult for some of our devices to find the right suppliers in the market. Since we met  konetool, our production has been greatly guaranteed."

Alan Son

Position: CEO    Area: Indonesia    Company size: 100 people    Purchase scale: router bit 2000 pcs, drill bits 2000 pcs, standard inserts 3000 pcs
"Our company is just in its infancy, mainly engaged in wood business. You know, when we order blades, we always encounter some non protest, such as typhoon, damage, delay, etc., which makes us headache. We have also been looking for excellent partners.
Konetool is very, very good. Oh my God, it's beyond our imagination. Their logistics has never gone wrong. It's amazing."

John Weiss

Position: retailer    Area: US    Company size: 10 people    Purchase scale: woodworking drill bits 10000pcs
"I like Chinese friends very much. I especially remember their hot pot. It's spicy but really delicious. I think it's the best Chinese food I've ever eaten in my life.Konetool's friends are very enthusiastic. They are always thinking about others. You can see that the packages they send are all packed with their hearts. This makes us feel very relieved. This year, we will continue to cooperate with konetool and hope that we can make progress together."

Manos Amanatidis

Position: CEO   Area: Greek    Company size: 50 people    Purchase scale: woodturning inserts 1000 pcs, router bits 1000pcs
"Beware this is only a single carbide insert. The title and picture made me assume it was 2 but if you read closely in the title it says 2,pack of 1.... were they being deceptive? Probably not on purpose but it would be nice not to show a picture of 2 on one of the slides or make it more clear that it's a single blade. My fault for not looking closer. Actual blade doesn't seem horrible but I'll update after use."

Jesus Miguel Santillaness

Position: retailer   Area: Spain    Company size: 50 people    Purchase scale: woodturning inserts 500 pcs
"Perfectly. The new screw didn't have the right threads, so I just used the old one. It seemed as sharp as the brand name blades, held tight, and cut my wood just fine. I couldn't tell the difference between these and the originals while turning."

Hardik h Mistry

Position: retailer   Area: India    Company size: 50 people    Purchase scale: drill bits 1000 pcs 
"With 2 re-grinded Harbor Freight pry bars for $3.00 I made 2 wood turning carbide tip cutters for 1/10 of the tools at Woodcraft or Rockler. They work great turning my most recent bowl, there easy to make and the price was terrific."

Yosaf Butt

Position: purchasing manager   Area: Arab    Company size: 100 people    Purchase scale: carbide scrapers 5000 pcs, profiled blanks 10000PCS
"I had searched comments trying to find out if these inserts would fit the Rockler Pen Turning tool set. All I could find were generic comments that they fit “many” or “most” handles. Finally bought set as I couldn’t figure out otherwise. For anyone else wondering same, the answer is “No, they do not.” These inserts are larger than the Rockler inserts."

Tilen Kokelj

Position: purchasing manager   Area: Brazil    Company size: 100 people    Purchase scale: profiled blanks 50000PCS
"So far I'm happy with the inserts. I used these with some DIY turning handles so I was able to customize the size and everything. I did use the included screws due to not having any metric taps. I used 10-32 screws for the large tips and a smaller 8-32 for the small square one. I haven't used any other carbide inserts so I can't compare to any of the more expensive ones but they've worked for everything I've used them for. I'm not a pro, just a hobbyist who just started turning. All in all, I'd purchase again."


Position: Manufacturer   Area: Australia    Company size: 50 people    Purchase scale: corrugated slitting knives 500pcs
Wow. Wow! WOW! Been wanting a set of carbide turning tools for a while now but couldn't justify the cost of pre-made ones. So? Bought these to make my own. How hard could it be? *Turns* out, not that hard (pun intended). If you've got all of the tools to make them (means to cut, drill, tap, and shape steel) then these work great to make your own turning tools. Included screws are awesome, saves time on McMaster or local shopping. All in all, made 5 $30-$50 tools for about $12 each.
If you are looking to replace your bogged down carbide tips or trying to make news tools for yourself, I would highly recommend these. I did knock it down to 4 stars because included allen wrenches would've been nice, and a thread indicator on the box they come in would be awesome too. However, the price is just fabulous and they cut like BUTTAH (butter)! Will definitely buy them again when these tips become NFG. Happy turning : )




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