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The Principle Of Chip Cutting For Lithium Battery

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         As shown in the picture, this is a pair of ordinary disc cutter on the plate slitting processing diagram. First of all, when the plate and the upper and lower blade of the AB point contact, the sheet will be under the pressure of the upper and lower knife surface to produce elastic deformation, and due to the existence of torque, so that the plate bending, in the vicinity of the material generated by shearing stress. When the point A and B rotate to the position of C and D, the internal stress state satisfies the plastic condition and produces plastic deformation. As the shear process continues, the shearing force of the plate is more and more big, enter to shear yielding state, shear deformation zone begins to produce macroscopic slip deformation, the upper and lower round knife shearing edge begins to cut into material, then the material of the edge accessory produces plastic deformation (Fig 1 the direction of feed orientation observation), the shear plastic slip formation, the As the knife plate continues to rotate the material, the plastic deformation degree intensifies, the material will appear the processing hardening, its stress state also will change, therefore causes the material internal microscopic crack, along with the deformation continues, these micro-cracks sinks into the main crack, transforms to the crack propagation to separate, the section forms the tearing area。

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