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The Structure of Cut-to-Size Saw and Its Features

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When it comes to the tools we used most frequetly in woodworking, cut-to-size saw(also called sliding table saw) must be in the list. Carpenters often use this kind of machine to cut their wood boards. The structure and features of cut-to-size saws have decided that it has a unique superiority in woodworking.

sliding table saw blade

Structure of cut-to-size saw

Looking at the cut-to-size saw, you may see a table with one or two circular saw blades. But what you see are just a tip of the iceberg. We may dissect it to several parts: frame, one place for head saw blade, one place for grooving saw blade, transverse guide baffle, fixing bench, sliding table, Oblique saw guide plate, bracket, display device and a side guide baffle. So you can see it is actually more complex than you think and see.

Features of cut-to-size saw

if cut-to-size saws don’t have any priorities, we won’t use them. So we will talk about these features one by one. First, we are going to talk about those circular saw blades on the cut-to-size saw. Carpenters usually use two kinds of blades. The head saw and scribing saw blade. When we start to cut, we often use scribing saw blade to cut a groove with a depth of 1 ~ 2 mm and a width which is 0.1 ~ 0.2mm thicker than the head saw blade. By doing this, we can the edge of our head saw blade from cracking. Secondly, the sliding table. We use our hands to push the table which is loaded with our workpiece. It sounds like heavy and unconvenient. But in fact, due to its special structure of guide rail, sliding table is easy to be pushed. With a stable and light rack, you can push it smoothly. And due to the sable rack, cut-to-size saw has a high precision.

table saw blades

cut-to-size saws are used widely in woodworking, but before you use it, you should choose a right saw blade for your cut-to-size saw. TCT saw blade with long service life and high hardness may be what you want. If you have any demands, just visit our website or contact us directly.

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