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The TKP Series Solide Carbide Profiling Blades


The TKP Series Solide Carbide Profiling Blades


The profiling blades made up of tungsten carbide have several features: high hardness, high wear resistance, high heat resistance, and high corrosion resistance. So this kind of solid tungsten carbide blade has long service-life. What’s more, there are different shapes and sizes of TKP solid carbide blades for you to choose, and these carbide profiling blades are specifically fit to the quick lock cutter head. The blade is mainly used for the common wood processing.

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Items Details
TK-P10879 1/8" Deep Plow (1-1/4" Deep)
TK-P10887 1/4" Deep Plow (1-1/4" Deep)
TK-P10945 Single Plow Back Out (1" Wide x 3/32" Deep)
TK-P10946 1/2"Max Depth (1-1/4" x 1-1/4")
TK-P10947 Double Back Out (1-1/16" Wide x 3/32" Deep)
TK-P10952 45 Degree Doulbe Bevel
TK-P10975 3/16" Radius
TK-P10980 1/16" Radius
TK-P10983 3mm Radius (1/8")
TK-P10992 6mm Radius (0.236")
TK-P10997 2mm Radius (0.0787")
TK-P10998 Bead (3/8" Wide Overall x 3/16" Wide Bead)
KT-P10999 3/8" Wide, 108" splitter

Why choose us?

1. We can do customization so if you have some special needs, just contact with us and tell your needs.
2. We have a lot of experience in the production of profiling blades, and lots of our customers always give us good comments.
3. Professional teams for your problems. So if you have any demands, just contact us with e-maile or online. It’s our pleasure to solve your problems, and your feedback keeps us motivated.
4. We have strict quality control and quality tests, so you can believe in our products’ quality.

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