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Three Flutes Solid Carbide Milling Cutters


Three Flutes Solid Carbide Milling Cutters


Solid carbide milling cutters, also called solid carbide router bits, are mainly loaded on the milling machines or the machining centers for milling different materials such as steel, wood, plastic, etc. The three flutes solid carbide milling cutters can be used for processing plane, steps, groove and can also be used to cut workpieces.


D (mm) Cutting Length Total Length Flute
6 20 60 3
8 20 60
8 32 80
8 30 100
10 40 100
10 30 70
10 30 75
12 42 100
12 30 75
14 30 75
16 40 90
16 50 100 3

What are the advantages of tungsten carbide milling cutters?

Tungsten carbide, the milling cutters made up of this kind of alloy can have a better hot harness and high wear resistance. With high heat stability, the tungsten carbide milling cutters have high revolutions per minute(RPM). Due to the tungsten carbide material and our advanced machine, our milling cutters feature ultra sharp, high hardness, and a long service-life.

three flutes solid carbide milling cutters

Why choose us?

KONETOOL has strict test which can ensure the quality of the milling cutters. Besides, we also have a professional team which can give you a quick reply. We are fond of communicating with our customers, so if you have any questions, no need to worry, just contact with us.

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