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Three Flutes Spiral End Mill


Three Flutes Spiral End Mill


The three flute spiral end mill can be loaded on computer engraving machines or machining centers for processing different plates, such as mid-layer boards and solid wood boards. Except machines above, this carbide router bit also suits for desktop and hand-held routers. This solid carbide router bit has good chip breaking effect and have excellent chip removal ability which make the cut more efficient and improves the processing quality.


carbide end mill

Item CED(mm) CEL(mm) OAL(mm)
M0M08K62100H3A 8 62 100
M0M08K80120H3A 8 80 120
M0M10K32K60H3A 10 32 60
M0M10K42K70H3A 10 42 70
M0M10K52K80H3A 10 52 80
M0M10K62100H3A 10 62 100
M0M10K80120H3A 10 80 120
M0M12K32K60H3A 12 32 60
M0M12K42K70H3A 12 42 70
M0M12K52K80H3A 12 52 80
M0M12K62100H3A 12 62 100
M0M12K80120H3A 12 80 120

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