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Cleats are tire accessories that are directly embedded on the surface of the tires to increase the anti-skid ability and safety performance of the tires while making the tires more beautiful. We have a variety of styles and functions of cleats to choose from. It is popular in Northern Europe, North America, Russia and other regions. It is mainly suitable for areas with long winter time and thick accumulation of ice and snow. In addition, such as off-road, racing, etc., high-risk driving that requires driving in various uneven and bad road conditions The way also needs the protection of cleats. Our cleats have a tungsten steel core with good wear resistance. According to different uses and inlay geometries, their specifications have different requirements, but the materials are mainly characterized by wear resistance, low temperature resistance, and high hardness. The cemented carbide studs are installed on the tires to enhance the safety of the car. When driving the car, its force is very helpful to the driving performance.




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