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This is a hard alloy tobacco slitting blade with high precision, high hardness and super wear resistance. Compared with ordinary tobacco slitting blades, our company's cemented carbide tobacco slitting blades are made of high-quality ultra-fine particle materials, with uniform internal structure, the blades are not easy to chip and wear, and have a longer service life. Product processing efficiency is more ideal, helping to reduce the high cost of downtime and other delays. Both the blade and the blade body are mirror-finished, the blade has no gap expansion, the edge texture is high, the processing effect is more ideal, and the service life is longer. Konetool is a professional enterprise that has passed quality certification and passed system certification, engaged in the development, production and sales of cemented carbide. We have a professional technical team and R&D team. The products are sold all over the world, with high technical content, stable quality and long life, and are favored by users at home and abroad. With a variety of standard options configured according to your specifications, we can customize the design and provide solutions in the shortest delivery time. Our tobacco cutting blades have long-lasting performance and low maintenance requirements, which can further increase your profits. Contact us by calling or submitting our online form to request a free quote.




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