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Tungsten Carbide Extended PCB Corn Cutter


Tungsten Carbide Extended PCB Corn Cutter

Product Description:

Cemented carbide expanded PCB corn milling cutters are also called corncob end mills or scale end mills. From the appearance, we can recognize dense spiral grids and relatively shallow grooves. Usually, it is used for material processing, such as some functional materials, especially like some composite materials (such as carbon fiber materials and glass fibers).
The cutting edge of the cutter is composed of many cutter units, so the cutting edge is very sharp. This feature greatly reduces the cutting resistance, enables high-speed cutting, achieves the effect of milling instead of grinding, and improves the processing efficiency and surface quality of composite materials. In order to extend the service life.

tungsten carbide corn cutters

Product Features:

1.The cutter head is made of high-quality materials;
2.Excellent 360-degree sharp cutting edge, sharp blade to ensure accurate cutting;
3.The high-performance cutter head is suitable for various tasks and guarantees a long service life.
4.Nano-titanium coating technology can extend service life and increase cutting speed.
5. Milling grooves, clean sides, neat, no burrs.

Product Application:

Suitable for multicolor board, acrylic, PVC, density board, hardwood, etc.

Product Specification:

d(mm) D (mm) H(mm) L(mm)
1.0~3.175 3.172 12 38.5
3 4 7 50
4 4 45 50
6 6 22 50
8 8 32 60
10 10 37 75
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