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Tungsten Carbide Gripper Insert

Material:100% tungsten carbide Cobalt and nickel, absolutely no scrap materials
Size: Customized
MOQ: 10pcs
  • customized

Customized Tungsten Carrbide Gripper Insert

Provide a complete set of drilling and completion operations, because the drill pipe, drill collar, casing, tubing string is stuck or broken, the bit cone is lost, the logging instrument or cable is stuck, the cable wire is broken, and the cable is cut off. Solutions for normal drilling, workover, and completion operations due to jams, grit sands, severe leaks, well collapses, blowouts, etc.

Carbide Gripper Insert

Carbide Gripping Pads are typically cast from medium carbon alloy steel and tungsten carbide with a hardness of 207-328HB after heat treatment.

Tooth is an important part of Carbide Gripping Pads. The tooth shape, material and hardness of the tooth have an important influence on the service life of the tooth, the ability to clamp the column and the damage of the external surface of the column. Carbide Gripping Pads is a vulnerable part.

Tooth pattern specifications

Carbide Gripping Pads


Q1. How do you control the quality ?

First control is 100% raw material from WC supplier, 100% inspecting throughout each process.
Importing state-of-the-art CNC machines and inspecting equipments from Germany and Japan.
Continuous training for experienced engineers and workers.
Q2. How can I choose the right TC Grade for the carbide products ?
If you can not confirm which TC grade is right for your products, please kindly provide us with your purpose of usage, we would suggest the most suitalbe grade for you.
Q3. How do I customize my product?
Please send us the drawings and purchase quantity.
If necessary, please send us the new sample.

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