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Tungsten Carbide Lithium Battery Blades


Tungsten Carbide Lithium Battery Blades


The series of tungsten steel slitting kniveswith high-precision high-speed steel used in battery industry are a major key product developed and produced by our company in response to higher requirements of battery industry for slitting knives and notches in recent years. This series of tools have good wear resistance and high machining accuracy, outer circle of tools is high, and cutting edge is strictly enlarged and tested. With less tool change, long service life and high cost performance, it is an ideal tool for users in battery industry to reduce cutting costs and improve cutting quality.

Main feature of lithium battery slitter blades

1) Hard alloy material, high strength, high hardness and high wear resistance
2)Process according to customer drawings.

Item Notes OD(mm) ID(mm) T(mm)
1 Top Knife 100 65 0.7
2 Bottom Knife(Anvil) 100 65 2.0
3 Top Knife 100 65 1.0
4 Bottom Knife(Anvil) 100 65 3.0

lithium blade

Our Service

Pre-sale and sale service
1.Inquiry and consulting support.
2.Provide reasonable suggestions for drawing according to your requirements.
3.Provide samples to you.
4.View our factory.

After-sales service
Provide other customized blades and related machine accessories.
Packaging and delivery

Size: According to reasonable quantity of packaging
Weight: according to quantity
Packing:We will pack or pack in cartons according to the special requirements of customers.

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