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Tungsten Carbide Shaper Knives


Tungsten Carbide Shaper Knives


Tungsten carbide shaper knives are a kind of special knives. Carbide shaper knives are used in different shapes of cutter heads. Due to special shapes, they can not be used for every places just like what standard knives can do. So every carbide shaper blade has their specific sizes. Although this kind of knife is quite different from standard knives, it is still sharp and hard. No matter what shape you are going to cut, you will get a smooth and clean surface. What’s more, high wear resistance and good heat resistance make this kind of knife has a long service life.

Product Application:

-Single Insert for Byrd Flooring Cutter
-Carbide CNC ground insert from Byrd
-Produces tongue in wood face up on left molder head spinning CW
-Or face down on right molder head or shaper

carbide shaper knife

Product Property:

Grade ISO Code Grain Size Co Hardness T.R.S Application
KT08 K05 0.5 um 4% 94.5 HRA 2800 HDF/MDF
KT10U K05-K10 0.6um 6% 93.2 HRA 3000 Solid Wood/MDF
KT30U K20 0.8 um 10% 92.0 HRA 3800 Wood
KT6X K10 1.0 um 6% 91.5 HRA 3000 Wood

We have:

Strict quality test. Strict quality test is always one of our biggest advantages. No matter sizes inspection or chemical tests, we have our own testing room to inspect our products.
Professional teams can do quick responce to your problem once you contact us.
Quick delivery. Not every carbide manufacturer can do this as fast as we can.
Large stock. We always keep a large stock to satisfy our customer with different kinds of needs.

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