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Tungsten Carbide saw Blades for cutting


Tungsten Carbide saw Blades for cutting

Cemented carbide blade milling cutter is the most commonly used cutting tool for the wood production process. The quality of cement carbide saw blades is related to the quality of processed products. Proper selection of carbide saw knives are of paramount importance to improve product quality, shorten processing cycles, and reduce processing costs.

Carbide blade milling cutters have high rigidity and long wear life. Based on giving full play for its benefits, other production costs are lower.


carbide saw blade milling cutter

Specifications and size of products (Unit: MM):

Product diameter: 8-350MM

Product thickness: 0.10-10MM

Product inner hole: more than 2MM

Konetool provides a variety of specifications for customers to choose from, and we can also customize the specification and size required by customers according to the drawings.


carbide saw blade milling cutter


The service life of Carbide Blades for cutting wood are much longer than carbon steel and high-speed steel, but there are still some issues that need to be addressed during use. Jogs of tungsten saw carbide blade milling cutter are sharp after right after they are polished , and gradually weakens. We divide the wearing condition into three stages. The cutter undergoes the initial wear stage, and then it enters the normal grinding stage. When it is applied to a certain degree, sharp wear appears. We hope that we will grind before the sharp wear so that the number of grinds is minimized and the life of the saw blade can be extended. Do not Splicing the cutter.


carbide saw blade milling cutter

Konetool provides various types of carbide saw blades with high quality assurance that can fully meet your needs. If you want to customize other types of blades or just want to know more about carbide saw blade use, you can also contact our sales and will provide you with considerate service.

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