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Tungsten Woodturning Tools S1 Square Shape


Tungsten Woodturning Tools S1 Square Shape

Product Description :

Carbide woodworking turning tools are mainly used for turning wood, structure includes blade and body. It is characterized in that the blade is made of cemented carbide and fixed to the front end of the body by welding. The cross-sectional shape of the carbide blade of this product is square. Because the cemented carbide has high strength, wear resistance and high temperature resistance, the woodworking turning tool of the present invention is turned lightly, high in efficiency, and labor intensity is reduced. The blade will not be affected by high temperature to reduce the hardness. Its life span is more than 10 times the original.

Sizes & Cutting Bevel :

Shape Item # Size Cutting Bevel EWT Size
Square KT10510515-30D 10.5*10.5*1.5-30° 30° Ci2
KT10510515-35D 10.5*10.5*1.5-35° 35° Ci2
KT10510520-35D 10.5*10.5*2.0-35° 35° Ci2
KT10710720-30D 10.7*10.7*2.0-30° 30° Ci2
KT111120-30D 11*11*2.0-30° 30° Ci2
KT141420-30D 14*14*2.0-30° 30° Ci1
KT14614625-30D 14.6*14.6*2.5-30° 30° Ci1
KT151525-30D 15*15*2.5-30° 30° Ci1

Woodcutting Carbide Blades Square Inserts Diagrams :

square carbide insert cutter


Q:Where is the advantage of the product?
A:Safe and sharp without sharpening, especially suitable for novices.

Q:What are the precautions when using?
A:Since cemented carbide is a hard and brittle material, attention must be paid to strength and temperature when using it.

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