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Use of corrugated slitting knives

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We can supply a lot of size of corrugated slitting knives,such as Agnati, BHS, Fosber, Gopfert, Isowa, Marquip,Mitsibishi, Peters, TCY etc.We will met some question in our pratical work.

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1,There is a difference life in same batch knives.

Usually there is little difference in same batch, but some are not. Whats the reason cause this question? First you should check the grinding wheel whether its good to work, this is major reason lead to this problem.You need to choose the suitable grinding wheel, the grain size should be small(suggest 240-280).Big can make knife wearing fast, small make knife not to sharp.The angle of grinding wheel and blades is also very important, we suggest it is 28 degree. About the grinding time,it should depend on your cardboad and the work time.

2,The bevel appear zigzag or notch after grinding.

The grinding wheel is swing to cause this.You need to stop the machine and check the grinding wheel.

3,The collapse edge and burrs of cardboad.

One reason is knife not sharp enough, another is cardboard is too wet.

4,Glue on the knife.

The knife is highly polished(0.025um), so nothing to the knife.Cardboard: too many glue and not to dry. 

5,Knife is broken.

TRS of our standard knife is 4000, which is suitable for most of machine including low and high speed. If your machine is special, we can use different cobalt context to meet your requirement.We can supply 12%, 13% and 15% material to produce this knife. About broken, it usually is knife install not good, the other part become flexible after a long time work or hit by some hard thing.

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