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What Is single-cut And double-cut Of Carbide Burrs? Which One Should I Choose?

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1. What is single-cut and double-cut of carbide burrs?

Carbide burrs are also called tungsten carbide burrs, they are made of tungsten carbide and have different shapes and textures(which are engraved by CNC machine).


According to different textures, the tungsten carbide burrs can be classified into 2 types: single-cut and double-cut.


carbide burrs between single cut and double cut


Like the picture says, single-cut has only one direction of the texture, while the double-cut has 2. They are used in different applications and we should choose the right type to match our works.


2. The difference of single-cut and double-cut:

There are 4 main difference between single-cut and double-cut carbide burrs.

1) difference in materials

carbide burrs

single-cut carbide burrs are more suitable for harder materials such as iron, steel, copper and other metals; While double-cut type is more suitable for softer materials such as wood,  aluminium, plastic, etc.


2) difference in chip extraction

Compared with single-cut, double-cut has a better chip extraction, due to its much more grooves.


3) difference in surface smoothness

Surface smoothness is one of the important processing requirement. If your work needs a higher surface smoothness, you should choose double-cut carbide burrs.


4) difference in operation experience

single-cut and double-cut carbide burrs also result in different operation experiences.


The single-cut type is harder to be controlled than double-cut. So, if you are a new operator for single-cut carbide burrs, it is very easy to cause “Burrs Jumping” (which means you missed your cutting/polishing target and jumped to other places).


carbide burrs

double-cut is more steady and is easier to be controlled, because of the better chip extraction.


In A Conclusion:

A. A new guy can start with double-cut carbide burrs

B. Use single-cut for hard materials and double-cut for soft materials

C. Use double-cut for higher surface smoothness requirements

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