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What if people have the Carbide drill bit spirit

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Drill in Chinese also represents no giving up

Drill, its pronunciation in Chinese is “Zuan you”. And the word “Zuan” represents a kind of persistence and stubbornness in China. We call those who insist on doing something and never ever easily give up as with the attitude of “Zuan”. Actually, as a tool, drill in Chinese also represents a spirit of pursuing goals persistently and never giving up. This is very similar to the drill bits used in the machinery industry.

carbide drill bit

If drill becomes a human being, definitely is a model worker

If we describe a drill bit as a human being, then this named as drill man is hardworking in his job and he will be surely praised as a model worker every year. He works hard, he is meticulous, and he does not tolerate any error. He does not eat or take any break until each piece of his work goes perfectly. He constantly modifies for tolerances, even the tolerance is just in a few tenths of a millimeter. He seeks the ultimate perfection of his work. He cannot tolerate the slightest error, even if the error is only as thin as hair.

carbide drill bit

If we turn the drill bits back to the industry. Drill bits have always been playing an important role in manufacture. Various drill bits such as carbide drill bit and High-speed steel drill bit are generally used in the manufacture industry of wood, metal, fiber, and so on. These drill bits work in high speed and high temperature, but they turn each piece of wood and metal to be a perfect, smooth, precious finished product. Drill keeps on working day and night with no stop and high output. There is no tolerance could escape from the drill bit, perfect work with no error is what the drill bits always pursue after.

That is why in China, the persistent, meticulous person will be associated with the drill bits. If everyone has a drill-like spirit, no need we bother the work can not be finished well. Surely.

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