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Woodturning Tools Square Shape Insert Knife


Woodturning Tools Square Shape Insert Knife

Product Description :

Designed for both CNC machines and hand tools. This square turning bit can be used to rough finishing your workpiece. Four sides are available, which means the knife has longer service knife than traditional wood turning tools. You can turn one edge to another once there’s one side getting dull. Due to the material — the cemented carbide, this square shaped insert knife has high hardness and sharp edges, which can make the surface of the workpiece smooth and clean.

square carbide insert cutter

Sizes & Cutting Bevel :

Shape Item # Size Cutting Bevel EWT Size
Square KT10510515-30D 10.5*10.5*1.5-30° 30° Ci2
KT10510515-35D 10.5*10.5*1.5-35° 35° Ci2
KT10510520-35D 10.5*10.5*2.0-35° 35° Ci2
KT10710720-30D 10.7*10.7*2.0-30° 30° Ci2
KT111120-30D 11*11*2.0-30° 30° Ci2
KT141420-30D 14*14*2.0-30° 30° Ci1
KT14614625-30D 14.6*14.6*2.5-30° 30° Ci1
KT151525-30D 15*15*2.5-30° 30° Ci1

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