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Woodworking Carbide Finger Joint Cutter Knives


Woodworking carbide finger joint cutter knives

Production Description:

Carbide pointed woodworking finger joint milling cuttersare spare parts for woodworking machinery, such as comb machines and tenoning machines. 160x50x3.4 2 wing joint cutting machine is usually used for joinery joints, usually for hardwood finger joints, and the joint length of 7mm is suitable for most woods. Very welcome sawdust appearing quickly, without burrs and good cutting edge functions! We have more than 13 years of manufacturing experience. Flatness, angle, and tip consistency can be well controlled. The cutter head is inlaid with imported alloy, and the cutter body is made of high manganese steel for anti-extrusion and good toughness. Finger joint milling cutters are mainly used for processing short wood knots and construction wood products.

finger joint cutter knife

Production Application:

finger joint cutter knivesare used for finger joint machine, comb-type mortising machine, spindle shaper,comb butt mortise machine, automatic finger joint assembler, finger shaper.    
Widely used in building wooden side of the open gear docking industry

Production Specification:

TCT Wood Finger Joint Cutter
MODEL Cutter Type OuterΦD (mm) Teeth # Thickness
Inside holeΦ d (mm) finger joint width (C) Joint L Angle
T mm mm mm
160x3.1 2T top 160 2T 3.1 40/50/70 0.55 5.5 18
base 160 2T 9 40/50/70 6.45 5.5 18
160x3.2 2T top 160 2T 3.2 40/50/70 0.6 6 18
base 160 2T 9 40/50/70 6.4 6 18
160x3.4 2T top 160 2T 3.4 40/50/70 0.72 7 16
base 160 2T 9 40/50/70 6.32 7 16
160x4.0 2T top 160 2T 4 40/50/70 0.55 11 14
base 160 2T 9 40/50/70 5.55 11 14
160x6.0 2T top 160 2T 6 40/50 1 16 14
base 160 2T 10.6 40/50 5.6 16 14
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