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Woodworking Tools Lengthening Double-edged Straight Knife


Woodworking Tools Lengthening Double-edged Straight Knife

Product Description:

Lengthened flush pattern router bit: diameter: 1/4" [6.35mm]; blade width: 3/8" [9.52mm]; blade length: 50mm; total length: 84mm. Provides great convenience for your daily wood work industry. The cutter can cut smoothly to the width of the tooth, resulting in a clean, no debris.
[Material]: Our cutting tools are made of hardened solid steel and C3 granular carbide. (C3 grade cemented carbide is the highest grade used in the strawberry industry.) Precise product design can provide smooth, delicate cuts for any level of complexity.
[Perfect design]: Robust hardened steel body with anti-recoil design. Balance-.003" C3 carbide tip tolerance (allowing smooth operation at high speed)-the grain quality provides higher strength and maximum strength.

double flute straight router bits

Product Application:

1.Work Pieces: Bit planing tools can cut most materials, including: wood, medium density fiberboard, particleboard, plywood, faceplate, softwood, hardwood, etc. Suitable for manual drawers or other woodwork, from edge to edge edge or end to end wooden components. Suitable for professionals and amateurs to choose.
2.Machineds: double-edged straight bit is specially designed for portable or portable routers and other notebook or desktop wood cutters. Note: Cannot be used on electric drills and electric drills.

Product Features:

Our router bits are made of solid hardened steel and C3 fine-grained carbide. (C3 grade cemented carbide is the highest grade used in the milling cutter bit industry). Accurate product design can produce smooth and delicate cutting, which is very suitable for cutting of any complexity.

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