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Byrd Rail Shaper Cutter Tip

Size: Fit Cutter Head
Material :100% Tungsten Carbide

Byrd Rail Shaper Cutter Tip

Product Description :

Byrd Rail Shaper Cutter Tips have many sizes for urfacing/planing heads, groovers, helical heads, etc.

General purpose wood, chipboard, plywood, MDF and HDF are the best workpiece.This is replacment tips for Genuibe Byrd cutter heads:

Major Diameter 4" for 3/4" bore bodies (IN PHOTOS), 4-1/2" for 1-1/4" bodies(NOT SHOWN)

Cutting Edge Length 30mm for stock 3/4” to 7/8&rd quo;

Comes loaded with 3 inserts can also run tips with same number.

eased edge (allows you to paint and stain under the stile on an assembled door so when panels move which they will you do not see the unsighty lines where finish or paint was not applied.05" r)

To make you have a full understanding, here attach the machine’s picture:


Product Specification:

Grade ISO Code Grain Size Co Hardness T.R.S.
KT10U K05-K10 0.6 um 6% 93.2 HRA 3000
KT30U K20 0.8 um 10% 92.0 HRA 3800
KT6X K10 1.0 um 6% 91.5 HRA 3000

Product Application:


Urfacing/planing heads

Helical heads


2.Work Piece:

General purpose wood



Product Features:

1.Insert router bit cutter set complete with a maximum of five different cutters.

2.Suitable for producing various thickness profile / counter profile joints in softwood hardwood and man-made boards by using combinations of the supplied cutters.

3.For use on both routers and machining.


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