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Glass Cutting Wheels


Konetool supplies top-quality glass cutting wheels for most glass cutting or scoring applications in the glass industry.

Material: Tungsten carbide

Applications: Architectural engineering glass, glass doors, windows, mirrors, automotive glass, LCD panels, and base glass

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Glass cutters are used to cut a shallow score on the surface of a flat piece of glass. The score then encourages the flat glass piece to break into two or more pieces along the score. A glass cutter is usually equipped with a cutting wheel made from tungsten carbide with a V-shaped cutting edge.

Konetool supplies glass cutting wheels made from micro-grain tungsten carbide, giving our carbide cutting wheels outstanding performance strength and resilience. With consistent cutting properties, the cutting finish can be super clean. As for the lubrication treatment, it prevents carbide glass cutting wheels from becoming too hot during operation and extends service life.

There are varied cut types that can be done with glass cutting wheels, such as straight cuts, shape cuts, open cuts, and more. Different types require different cutting angles and grinding. All of our carbide glass cutting wheels are precisely ground with CNC machines, guaranteeing maximized concentricity and precision.

KONETOOL glass cutting wheel features:

  • 100% virgin materials;
  • Micro-grain tungsten carbide;
  • High efficiency and excellent performance;
  • High precision;
  • Clean cutting finish;
  • Outstanding longevity and durability.


Customization services:

We can also offer customization services according to your drawings, samples, or required specifications.

Request a quote for further information (MOQ, price, delivery, etc) if you are interested in our carbide glass cutting wheels. Our salespeople and engineers are ready to provide tailor-made solutions for you.


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