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This is a hard alloy lithium battery blade, with excellent material selection, professional cutting edge and precision grinding technology. The product has a high degree of uniformity: uniform thickness and uniform pore size distribution. High temperature resistance: normal use at 180 degrees, the diaphragm does not change shape. High safety: automatic shut-off performance in the case of too high or low temperature to protect the battery. Excellent permeability: moderate pore size, good air permeability, ensure the passage of lithium ions, and adapt to high current charge and discharge. Using the pole piece cutting method, the cutting resistance is small, the wear resistance is high, the blade is sharp and durable, and the service life is more than 5 times that of high-speed steel. It effectively improves the production efficiency and has an unparalleled cost performance.Since the lithium battery slitting blade is very sharp, once the equipment is started, any material of the sheet will be cut instantly, so every operator is required to maintain a high level of spirit at all times when carrying out the work, and every feeding must Keep your hands away from the cutting blade, and you need to be highly vigilant when pressing the device to prevent the possibility of being scratched by the blade. Contact us to learn more about the lithium battery cutter.




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