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Carbide Raised Panel Cutter Tip

Size: Fit Cutter Head
Material :100% Tungsten Carbide

Carbide Dedicated Raised Panel Insert Cutters 

Product Description:


This panel insert is designed for accuracy and ease of use.We can make these inserts solid carbide or carbide tipped on the cutting edges. If you have special cutting requirements, you can send your samples or drawings to us. So we can produce the customized profile inserts for you.


Product Advantages:


1.Common minor diameters and verticle profile centering are two great features of our inserts.With these two great features you do not need to adjust the spindle height or fence position when switching from cope to pattern cuts.

2. Very Easy indexing when replacing tips.We used a locating button on all sets, and a locking gib system for the cope and pattern sets and detail sets, that’s why changing tips is a quick and accurate process.

3. Cope and Pattern bodies will accept both square and eased edge tips

4. Dedicated bodies for each profile ensure maximum safety and accuracy.


carbide molding knife

Product specification:

3 wing • 1-1/4" bore • 6" diameter:

Cope and Pattern:  Outside diameter 4-1/2” 4” OD available by special order

Minor Diameter 3-1/2”

1-1/4” Bore

Raised Panel:  Outside diameter 6” Minor Diameter 3” 1-1/4” Bore

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