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Carbide Shear Knives


Carbide Shear blades 

    Konetool specializes in the production of different types of shear blades, Q11, QC12Y, QC12K series blade shears, and supporting different CNC shears, blades are mainly used T10, 9CrSi, SKD11, 6CrW2Si, Cr12MoV, H13K, HMB, W18Cr4V and other high-quality alloy tool steel to made it, the blade is very sharp, wear-resistant, smooth cut, no burrs.

The service life is 10 times longer than that of steel blades.


shearing blade material:

D-2 (SKD-11) steel, inlaid steel

M-2 (SKH-51) steel, inlaid steel

T.C.T. steel, inlaid steel

Application: used in different area, such as crushing plastics, rubber, paper, wood, food, minerals, tires, PET, POM, BOPP, A PS, etc.

Features: TCT, M-2 (SKH-51), D-2 (SKD--11) due to the use of high-quality, high hardness, low cost and other characteristics of inlaid steel blades, suitable for crushing plastic and rubber products Blade specifications can be based on customer requirement to produce.



1) Accept OEM and ODM services

2) Accept small orders

3) Fast delivery and safe packaging

4) High quality and competitive price

5) Receive many repeat orders with good reviews

6) We provide various bending machine tools and cutting blades.

7) We are one of the earliest professional manufacturers in this field in China



Shearing blades are manufactured using native raw material only.

Vacuum hardening is done to ensure uniformity and maximum edge retention of shear blade.

Carbide shearing blades are created using the latest in carbide formulations, state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment, and in-house hardening resulting in an exceptional product. Our technically proficient sales engineers are ready to show you how Konetool is the right choice for meeting your carbide shearing blades needs.

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carbide shearing machine blade

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