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  • Konetool Live Streaming is coming!

    Konetool Live Streaming is coming!Live streaming on Canton Fair on October 22nd at 16:30(GMT+8), 2020Our channel: Carbide products of Kone Carbide booth: Kone Carbide Tool Ltdhttps://ex.cantonfair

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  • A Beacon for Import and Export Business in 2020-Canton Fair in China

    A Beacon for Import and Export Business in 2020-Canton Fair in ChinaIn this year, the world suffered from COVOID-19. Many activities like exhibition or offline activities are prohibited. But Canton Fair get us a chance to communicate with each other. The online exhibition has been launched. What is

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  • Carbide inserts manufacturers in China

    As it is known to us all, Tungsten is a rare, high-melting metal and an important strategic metal, as important as rare earth .When forged to WC, Its normal temperature hardness can reach 78~82 HRC, and its cutting speed can be 4~10 times higher than that of high speed steel. I. WC in China.Tungsten

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  • Development factors of Chinese carbide cutter manufacturers

    Abstract: With the development of industry and manufacturing, the requirements for tools are getting higher and higher. High-speed steel tools can no longer meet the needs of productivity, and then people find that cemented carbide has high hardness and high wear resistance, and then carbide has beg

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  • KoneTool's Advantage and Difference

    Many years of rich industry experience and expanding trade demand have made our production capacity continuously improved. At present, our production capacity has reached a relatively high level, and all kinds of products are produced online……

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